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I am alive, I swear! And So is Rose.

Hi, I still exists!
Yeah, I have been gone for a long time, I know. But, I am feeling a bit better now. A bit. I will try to play Sims tomorrow, and let you know what’s up.
I hope to get back on track, and write more blog posts. Rose has been drawing up a storm, but can’t find one she is proud of. So, I guess she will make a post when she is ready.
I have still been having anxiety, but not as bad. Maybe it is waiting for the worst possible moment to strike. Isn’t that how it always is?
Anyway, yeah, I will be blogging again, hopefully. And Rose will be blogging again, hopefully. And I will get life eventually, hopefully. Oops, wait, did I say that out loud?
Um, anyway, yeah.
That is a thing.
I do apologize for not posting.

My cousin has witnessed the madness!

Oh! My! God! My cousin has experienced the weirdness of my Sims game! Only, they made there own world! So much weirdness has happened!
My cousin’s Sim got a random call from some guy, then… the GRIMM REAPER! And then his Sim died… and there was much sadness…

They didn’t believe me when I told them about my world… then this happened…

A Sims 3 Post!

This happened on The Sims 3. I guess I have a curse or something! Lets begin!

So, I was playing Sims 3 on me and Rose’s newer computer. Rose was watching me play (I was trying to get her mind off our dog that had died the day before). We used a Sim from the neighborhood. We had already made her flirt with her sister’s husband, woohoo with her sister’s husband, get pregnant with her sister’s husband’s baby, have her sister’s husband breakup with her sister, and than marry him. So, our Sim was kinda evil. But it made Rose laugh… wow… that’s kinda wrong…

Anyway, after Agnes and Gunther had the baby for two days, we decided to let them have a break. So, we sent them to dinner. Less than half way through the dinner, I get a message. It read: “There are no adults present at this time. The social worker will try again later”

…Wait…What? So, my two Sims finished their dinner, and went home. When they got home. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then, Rose just HAD to open her mouth and say: “If the social worker drops off a child, I’m going to lose it.”

As soon as those words exited her mouth, I get the “Choose the age and gender of your new child”… Rose named him Micheal. I made his room outside… Rose says I’m cruel, but I’m not the one dropping random kids off at people’s houses…

That would be today’s post… blah…

Random child walks into my house and starts watching the “romance channel”!

No, not another social worker child. Just some random kid walked into my house and started watching the “romance channel”! (If you don’t know what I mean by the quotation marks, you’re probably too young)
But, no, the kids didn’t bring a friend home from school. It was Saturday in game!
I don’t know… it was weird… I kicked him out of the house… I’m mean…

This is kinda a filler post. My game hasn’t been doing anything weird, plus I’ve been pretty busy. So, yeah.
I hope you enjoyed!

Really? This guy again?

Hello! I think you know my name by now… well, maybe not. But, you can look at other posts!
Anyway, let’s begin!

We are back at Chloe’s house. The twins are about to grow up. So, yay!
I sent Chloe to the clothing store because, well, she needed to get out of the house. She arrived on her broom stick.
And I immediately saw HIM. Can you guess? Who is HE?  Who hasn’t been around in awhile? Hmm?
If you guessed DAVID, you would be correct.
If you don’t know who David is, go back to the first post.
Anyway, I sent Chloe along with her business. She bought some clothes, looked through the magazine’s. She was GOING to go get a cup of COFFEE, but then stupid DAVID went up to her and started yelling at her! This was when Rose came to watch me play.
Anyway, David poked Chloe.
That was when Rose took over. She made Chloe slap David. Then, David attacked Chloe! Chloe beat him up (that’s my girl!), and Rose was screaming in victory… all the loud. Goodbye eardrums. You have served me well.
Rose sent her off to go get some chocolate clusters from the vending machine because Chloe earned it.
She finished her clusters and went to go get her coffee (finally!).
But, sadly, David wasn’t done. Chloe was waiting in line for coffee, and David attacked her AGAIN. But, Chloe beat him again and David ran off crying.
Well, if you would stop picking fights you can’t win, you wouldn’t get beat by your opponent!
And I play for you the smallest violin!
He tried to pick more fights while she was there, but, I deleted them from then, on.
Don’t start fights kids. Unless someone is bullying someone else. Then you can rip them to shreds. But don’t kill them. Leave them with the scars.
This is coming from the most cowardice person alive.
Anyway, in the end, Chloe never got her coffee, but the taste of victory was good enough (even though coffee would have probably been better).

That was it for today! Hope you enjoyed the drama! It probably wasn’t that dramatic… oh well!
Have a great day!

Finally back on track! Wait, what just happened?

Hello! I’m finally getting back on track! Feeling much better than yesterday! So, post time! Let’s… begin!

So, I was playing Alex’s household. So far, so good. Nothing happening, nothing happening.
Suddenly, I hear siren


. A cop marches into their house. Run all over. Then goes into the bathroom (that Alex was just about to use). And yells at him! Really?!
And Alex just looks at the toilet like “I was just trying to go to the bathroom…”.
At the end, the cop charges Alex $500!
And then Surryn walks in and laughs at Alex. Gee Alex, you have raised a perfect little Angel…
And than I catch Chris doing Surryn’s homework… wow… just… wow…

I hope you enjoyed! I know, I’ve been a downer lately. Sorry about that… but I’m not so down in the dumps now.

A filler post… my Henry play through.

Hey, It’s Simon. I didn’t post last week . I apologize. I just haven’t been myself lately. So, I haven’t played Chloe’s world in awhile. I still haven’t. So, instead, I have a story about a Sims game I played awhile ago. I guess we should start the story.

I made a Sim. His name was Henry Keyfire. I put him into a house, got him a job. A few in-game days past, things were fine. Than, the weirdness started. I told him to go to bed, he didn’t do it. I checked to make sure there wasn’t anything in the way. Nothing.
I turned off free will, and tried again. This time, he literally shook his head and said “uh-uh”.
That has never happened before. I exited the game and went back, thinking it was a glitch. I went back.
I clicked on his house, his household image was messed up.
Now, for The Sims 2, that isn’t abnormal. So, I didn’t think anything about it. But, when I entered his house, he was standing in front of the camera, his head twisting in all directions. I paused the game, but he kept going.
I exited the house again and tried deleting him. It wouldn’t delete.
I kept trying and, thankfully, it finally deleted.

What do you think that was? Should I try recreating the Sim and see what happens? I don’t know. Bye.

Twins! Again! Stupid Jello…

Hello! Simon here! Sorry for the wait! I will not even lie…  I was playing a time waster… yeah…
Anyway, let’s begin!

I was playing my game… blah blah blah… Chloe went to work even though she’s on maternity leave… you know, the norm!
Anyway, she got home from work and was making a salad! Well, the baby decided, “no salad for you!” and she went into labor! Thanks! I couldn’t starve without you!
She went through all the screaming and what not.
Than… there were twins… NOOOOO!
Every mother’s reaction when she was only planning for ONE child, and she gets two… that sucks…
Anyway! It was two girls! I named one Lib and Elizabeth! Oh! And I almost forgot the most important detail! They’re both green… Rose was right about the alien parasites… I thought they were fruit chunks! Ugh!

I hope you enjoyed! Not the longest post ever… I’m sure you can deal!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
P.s. My family got the new Star wars movie… Yay! It was awesome! R.I.P Han! For now anyway…

Live blog! Join us all day for art and Simming fun!

Hello! It is us, Simon and Rose! Welcome to what our mom has dubbed, the live blog! Throughout the day, we will be updated this post! I, Simon, will be playing Sims, and Rose will be drawing and talking to you guys in the comments! We are both so excited! So, for those of you who want to know, this will be ending at 4:45 P.M. eastern. But, until then, join us as we do what we do best ALL DAY LONG.
I hope you are as excited as we are! Remember, if you have to miss it, it will still be up on this blog. I hope you all enjoy this interesting event.
Let us begin!

Update #1 (Simon): Okay, just logged into my Sims 2 world. I think I’m going to begin with Pheobe and Mary’s house. So, yeah! I’ll update in a little bit!

Update #2 (Rose): Hi! So, I am actually here! So, I have a blank canvas. I really don’t know what to draw! So, what do you guys think I should? Hmmm…

Update #3 (Simon): The twins grew up into children! They are getting closer to being able to take over the world! Wait, did I say that out loud?

Update #4 (Simon): Yay or nay?


New room for twins.

Update #5 (Rose):

What is life…? 😑

Update #6 (Simon): It moves on its own…


Why??? *cue horror music*

Update #7 (Simon):

What the NECK! Badoom ching!

Update #8 (Simon): Pheobe’s new look!



Yay or nay?

Update #9 (Rose): think he’s cute? Take a closer look…


Haaappyy eeeaasster... ;>

Not so cute now, is he?

Lunch break! Be back!

Update #10 (Simon): Back! And Elm is reading!

A love for boo- wait…


A romance novel...

I don’t love you any more…

Update #11 (Rose): Something I drew a few days ago.

Weird but cool! Don’t cha think?

Update #12 (Simon): He’s asleep in his new bed!


Shh… don’t wake him…

Update #13 (Simon): I switched to Alex’s house…

What I found… *Shudder Shudder*

Update #14 (Simon): What happened here!?

And, yes. Surryn is now a child.

He also just saw Alex and Orlando (who just got married Woohoo!) Woohooing… DEAR GOD!

Update #15 (Simon): A social worker just showed up!

GO AWAY PLEASE! No more kids!

Update #16 (Simon): Meet Chris… now you know I’m not faking!

Kill it with fire…

Finale: Okay so, my game keeps locking up. So, I’m going to have to end this a bit early. Please forgive me. Now, final verdict, it was fun. I enjoyed it. So, I might do it again. Though, not that many people that I know of showed up. But that’s okay. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think.
This is Simon and Rose, and we hope to do this again soon.

Special Announcement!! Please read if interested!

Hello! Simon here! So, I have been thinking, and I have made up my mind! Tomorrow, my mom and auntie are going Easter shopping (happy Easter to those who celebrate it)! So, seeing as she can’t drag me with her because the stuff is supposed to be a surprise, I am going to be doing something a little different.
Tomorrow, I will be here with you guys all day long! I am going to post a post and keep updating every few minutes! Rose will be there too. So, she will be talking to you guys as well! You guys can comment questions or just things you want to say. Rose will mostly be the one responding.
Anyway, if you are interested, go on and tune in tomorrow at about 12:00/12:30P.M. (after my dogs get fed) tomorrow (eastern time). Rose says she will probably be drawing and things. She says that she will post pictures of her progress throughout the day. And will probably ask you guys for suggestions! So, yeah! It will be on my blog so, again, yeah! If you are interested, don’t be afraid to drop in! I would love to be able to hear what you guys think about this idea!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
Link to Rose’s blog: