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The headmaster comes to MY house demanding dinner, a tour, and to talk! And Lakshmi is crazy now…

I’M BACK! I’m back, I’m back, I’m back! Ahem… Hello! Simon here!  Sorry, I got a bit over excited… but I’m back! Sorry about the long title. But it’s true! Just read and find out! Speaking of, let’s begin!

I was playing my game again. Everything was going well… except for the plague… stupid plague!
Anyway, it turned five and some random car pulls up in front of my house! I prayed it wasn’t another child. Then some creepy looking guy stepped out of the van.
Then a speech bubble popped up, it said this:
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m (enter name that I can’t remember here). I will see if your child has what it takes to get into (Enter private school name that I can’t remember here). I expect dinner, a tour of your house, and a delightful conversation! And just maybe I will allow your child to be enrolled.”
Okay, I’m trying to do this by memory so, that might not be exactly what it said. But that’s BASICALLY what it said.
Anyway, I was like “Umm… NO!”. But, in the end (🎵it doesn’t really matter🎵), I fed him, gave him a tour, and talked to him. Yet, HE STILL SAID WE WERE NOT ELIGIBLE! You want to know why? Because we had roaches, and the exterminator hadn’t come yet! BLAH!
After he left, Lakshmi walked outside, sat on the ground, and went crazy.
Then she stood back up, made chicken noises, cow noises, and spun her head around in circles like a possessed chick in a horror movie! Then she went back to normal and shook hands with an invisible being.
Yeah, I need to get a life…

I hope you enjoyed! I’m so glad that I am finally posting again! I miss having you guys make fun of me fort horrible luck! That sounds weird… But it’s so true!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

School is back in town!

Hello! Simon here! This is not going to be about my weird Sims life. No, sadly I have to go into real life. School is back in, I’m a homeschool student so it doesn’t take me long to do my work.
But I do still have chores. Plus, now I have a flu.
So, I might not be posting as often.
I will still try to post every day.
But, I can not promise anything. Plus, the game has been suspiciously quiet the last few days. So, I have been running out of material.
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful school year… as wonderful a it can be anyway.

This is Simon the sim maker signing out!