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My cousin has witnessed the madness!

Oh! My! God! My cousin has experienced the weirdness of my Sims game! Only, they made there own world! So much weirdness has happened!
My cousin’s Sim got a random call from some guy, then… the GRIMM REAPER! And then his Sim died… and there was much sadness…

They didn’t believe me when I told them about my world… then this happened…

A filler post… my Henry play through.

Hey, It’s Simon. I didn’t post last week . I apologize. I just haven’t been myself lately. So, I haven’t played Chloe’s world in awhile. I still haven’t. So, instead, I have a story about a Sims game I played awhile ago. I guess we should start the story.

I made a Sim. His name was Henry Keyfire. I put him into a house, got him a job. A few in-game days past, things were fine. Than, the weirdness started. I told him to go to bed, he didn’t do it. I checked to make sure there wasn’t anything in the way. Nothing.
I turned off free will, and tried again. This time, he literally shook his head and said “uh-uh”.
That has never happened before. I exited the game and went back, thinking it was a glitch. I went back.
I clicked on his house, his household image was messed up.
Now, for The Sims 2, that isn’t abnormal. So, I didn’t think anything about it. But, when I entered his house, he was standing in front of the camera, his head twisting in all directions. I paused the game, but he kept going.
I exited the house again and tried deleting him. It wouldn’t delete.
I kept trying and, thankfully, it finally deleted.

What do you think that was? Should I try recreating the Sim and see what happens? I don’t know. Bye.

Art n’ stuff: Sketch Book! Post 3!

Hi, I’m back! I know I haven’t been posting Sketch Book pages lately. I’ve been looking through, finding the pages that are a bit too personal to post. Plus, I keep forgetting… I’m sorry! Anyway, these pages that I’m showing you are a bit creepy. They were things from my nightmares that I decided to write down.



These two pictures are of the same thing. Kinda weird. Kinda creepy. Kinda crazy! That equals 120% nightmare material! Blah!

Okay, I gotta go eat dinner! I meant to make it longer but, dinner! FOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD! Foooood! Must eat! Nom nom nom….

Art n’ stuff: I’m back! With a spooky picture!

Hi, I’m back! Finally out of the sling! Yay! 😀 Okay, so, it is a bit sloppy but, it’s the first drawing out of the torture device (AKA sling). I expect it to be a little bit sloppy.


Simon's not so friendly friend

This is what Simon described to me. Imagine that bit around the head is your blanket. Its creepy to think about this thing standing over your bed at night, watching you. I don’t like it. If it scared Simon, I want revenge! D:< Or maybe a stern talking to will work.

I hope you like my drawing! This thing is creepy! Have you ever seen something like this?
BYEEE! ❤ ❤

One of my ghost experiences!

Hello! Simon here! Today I am going to tell you one of my creepier ghost stories. This  did actually happen. I don’t know why, but this one scares me to this day. I know this wasn’t a dream, because I remember it so vividly.
Let’s begin!

This happened when my family and I were living in a trailer. We had about seven people living there. It wasn’t a large trailer, so most of us had to share rooms. I slept in my parents room.
It was also mostly because I was, between me and Rose, the coward. Anyway, I woke up at about 2:30A.M.
After a few minutes, I heard a deep growl.
I know it was not one of my dogs because it was so human-like. It sounded like it came from over by the door.
And, like any scared kid, I hid under my blankets. Then, I felt a warm bubble around me. Please note, it was winter and, like, 42 degrees out (that is cold for Florida). We had no heater at the time, so it felt cold inside as well.
Anyway, I peeked through a small hole I found in my blanket. I saw a tall, pitch black figure standing over me. Staring at me. It tilted its head. I moved so I wasn’t looking through the hole, closed my eyes, and started saying: “Please go away, please go away, please go away”.
After a minute of that, the warm bubble disappeared. I looked through the hole again. Nothing. I poked my head out from under the blanket.
I still felt as if I was still being watched so, I just stared at the ceiling blankly. I wasn’t thinking of anything. I just stared until my eyes drifted down, and I was asleep.
The next morning, the first thing I did with what happened last night was tell Rose.
She didn’t know what to do either. So we kept it to ourselves for about a week. Talking about it every day when we were alone. Then, finally, we decided to tell. I really didn’t want to go through the story again so, Rose told my parents what I had told her, with me correcting her once in awhile.
My parents thought I was dreaming, but Rose believes me completely.

I hope you enjoyed. What do you think? Was it just a dream? I don’t think so.
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

My game is possessed!

Hello! Simon here! I have one of my weirdest posts ever for you today! Also one of my creepiest!
Let’s begin!

I was playing my game. Nothing really weird happening. Pheobe and Mary were being all romantic.
The twins were playing with a doll house. Nothing under the ordinary. Then, my game paused. I figured I accidentally hit a button.
I tried to unpause… it didn’t work.
Then, it opened the menu with the save button, the quit button, and the main menu button.
At this point I was kinda freaked out, but still kinda oblivious.
It was only when it began to save all on its own that I began to really freak. Once it was done saving, I tried to unpause the game again.
Nothing was working. Then, it went back to that menu, and quit.
It kicked me off of my game…
This is not good for my health. But I will proceed playing! After I go cry in my room, under my  blankets, with three pounds of chocolate and a gallon of coffee.

I hope you enjoyed! This is the creepiest thing that has happened so far… I’m just going to pretend it didn’t happen…
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
Hopefully not forever

Teddy from hell!

Hello! Simon here! This is kinda creepy… both posts this weekend are going to be creepy. So, remember, don’t shower at midnight, don’t go into the forest in heels, and when you hear noises coming from inside your house when you know you’re alone, DON’T GO INVESTIGATE! Let’s begin!

I was playing my game, in all its glory. But then I noticed something… the teddy, that had been worn and tattered, looked brand new!
You know, the same teddy that likes to mo


around? Yeah, and stare at the kids while they’re sleeping!
Anyway, it looked brand new and, the worst part is, it was in the walkway!
That bear is obviously trying to kill someone! I mean really!

I hope you enjoyed! I really want to name the teddy, but don’t know what to name him! I don’t know…
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

How did she..!

Hello! Simon here! This just flipping happened! I’m still really distraught!
Let’s begin!

I had just logged on to Sims2. Talking to Rose about how sad I still was about Jennifer.
I suddenly noticed something odd…
Lexie was walking up the stairs and I saw she was… see through.
Everyone remembers Lexie, right? If not, go back to the post entitled: “ Noooooo! Not again! And a bed of glowness…”.
Anyway, she was in the bathroom. Then a notification bubble popped up.
It said: “Lexie has died on another lot. Lexie will return in spirit to her place of death.”
Wait… WHAT?!
I was so confused! I was freaking out! And all Rose had to say was: “Well, you have a post!”.
Little brat…

Hope you enjoyed! What do you think happened? I’m still really confused…
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

The headmaster comes to MY house demanding dinner, a tour, and to talk! And Lakshmi is crazy now…

I’M BACK! I’m back, I’m back, I’m back! Ahem… Hello! Simon here!  Sorry, I got a bit over excited… but I’m back! Sorry about the long title. But it’s true! Just read and find out! Speaking of, let’s begin!

I was playing my game again. Everything was going well… except for the plague… stupid plague!
Anyway, it turned five and some random car pulls up in front of my house! I prayed it wasn’t another child. Then some creepy looking guy stepped out of the van.
Then a speech bubble popped up, it said this:
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m (enter name that I can’t remember here). I will see if your child has what it takes to get into (Enter private school name that I can’t remember here). I expect dinner, a tour of your house, and a delightful conversation! And just maybe I will allow your child to be enrolled.”
Okay, I’m trying to do this by memory so, that might not be exactly what it said. But that’s BASICALLY what it said.
Anyway, I was like “Umm… NO!”. But, in the end (🎵it doesn’t really matter🎵), I fed him, gave him a tour, and talked to him. Yet, HE STILL SAID WE WERE NOT ELIGIBLE! You want to know why? Because we had roaches, and the exterminator hadn’t come yet! BLAH!
After he left, Lakshmi walked outside, sat on the ground, and went crazy.
Then she stood back up, made chicken noises, cow noises, and spun her head around in circles like a possessed chick in a horror movie! Then she went back to normal and shook hands with an invisible being.
Yeah, I need to get a life…

I hope you enjoyed! I’m so glad that I am finally posting again! I miss having you guys make fun of me fort horrible luck! That sounds weird… But it’s so true!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!