And, the anxiety worsens… More tears to shed

We don’t have a sick dog anymore. But, the way that ended, it only made my anxiety higher.
We still might get evicted. That is a pain and a half.
Now that my cousin’s and aunt are gone for a few weeks, I’ll probably just sit in my room all day once school work is done.
There isn’t much else to do. I mean, there is house work. But, I

wouldn’t be that much


I really don’t feel like anything I do can help anyone. Not even myself.

It’s cold and quiet. And I feel alone and helpless.

What a day.

5 thoughts on “And, the anxiety worsens… More tears to shed

  1. Theresa Leedom

    Anxiety and depression are some of the hardest feelings you’ll experience. Keep your head down and your feet moving, and then hopefully you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, you are not alone and people do care about you. 🙂

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      1. minionsimming Post author

        I don’t know about “worth the problems”. But thank you.
        I’ll try to tell of the negative voice off. Though, I wish I could with my landlord. That would make me feel better.


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