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Random child walks into my house and starts watching the “romance channel”!

No, not another social worker child. Just some random kid walked into my house and started watching the “romance channel”! (If you don’t know what I mean by the quotation marks, you’re probably too young)
But, no, the kids didn’t bring a friend home from school. It was Saturday in game!
I don’t know… it was weird… I kicked him out of the house… I’m mean…

This is kinda a filler post. My game hasn’t been doing anything weird, plus I’ve been pretty busy. So, yeah.
I hope you enjoyed!

Me and Rose are both very sorry…

We haven’t been posting lately. I know. Things have been pretty hectic lately.
We finally got the kitten out of that grate! I was getting worried we would never get it out!
But, yeah, we are both sorry and will probably post this coming week… probably…
Thanks to summer break, we have more time on our hands! So, we will hopefully be posting more often.
I hope you have a great summer vacation!

I love my sis! Link to her rant on discrimination against disabilities and disorders.

She has more courage than I! She is the brains, braun, heart, and soul. I am just the shadow, waiting behind her holding the freshly baked victory cookies (until she gets hurt, than it is on).

This is why I am posting this:

She is forever caring. And forever in my heart.

Really? This guy again?

Hello! I think you know my name by now… well, maybe not. But, you can look at other posts!
Anyway, let’s begin!

We are back at Chloe’s house. The twins are about to grow up. So, yay!
I sent Chloe to the clothing store because, well, she needed to get out of the house. She arrived on her broom stick.
And I immediately saw HIM. Can you guess? Who is HE?  Who hasn’t been around in awhile? Hmm?
If you guessed DAVID, you would be correct.
If you don’t know who David is, go back to the first post.
Anyway, I sent Chloe along with her business. She bought some clothes, looked through the magazine’s. She was GOING to go get a cup of COFFEE, but then stupid DAVID went up to her and started yelling at her! This was when Rose came to watch me play.
Anyway, David poked Chloe.
That was when Rose took over. She made Chloe slap David. Then, David attacked Chloe! Chloe beat him up (that’s my girl!), and Rose was screaming in victory… all the loud. Goodbye eardrums. You have served me well.
Rose sent her off to go get some chocolate clusters from the vending machine because Chloe earned it.
She finished her clusters and went to go get her coffee (finally!).
But, sadly, David wasn’t done. Chloe was waiting in line for coffee, and David attacked her AGAIN. But, Chloe beat him again and David ran off crying.
Well, if you would stop picking fights you can’t win, you wouldn’t get beat by your opponent!
And I play for you the smallest violin!
He tried to pick more fights while she was there, but, I deleted them from then, on.
Don’t start fights kids. Unless someone is bullying someone else. Then you can rip them to shreds. But don’t kill them. Leave them with the scars.
This is coming from the most cowardice person alive.
Anyway, in the end, Chloe never got her coffee, but the taste of victory was good enough (even though coffee would have probably been better).

That was it for today! Hope you enjoyed the drama! It probably wasn’t that dramatic… oh well!
Have a great day!