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Live blog! Join us all day for art and Simming fun!

Hello! It is us, Simon and Rose! Welcome to what our mom has dubbed, the live blog! Throughout the day, we will be updated this post! I, Simon, will be playing Sims, and Rose will be drawing and talking to you guys in the comments! We are both so excited! So, for those of you who want to know, this will be ending at 4:45 P.M. eastern. But, until then, join us as we do what we do best ALL DAY LONG.
I hope you are as excited as we are! Remember, if you have to miss it, it will still be up on this blog. I hope you all enjoy this interesting event.
Let us begin!

Update #1 (Simon): Okay, just logged into my Sims 2 world. I think I’m going to begin with Pheobe and Mary’s house. So, yeah! I’ll update in a little bit!

Update #2 (Rose): Hi! So, I am actually here! So, I have a blank canvas. I really don’t know what to draw! So, what do you guys think I should? Hmmm…

Update #3 (Simon): The twins grew up into children! They are getting closer to being able to take over the world! Wait, did I say that out loud?

Update #4 (Simon): Yay or nay?


New room for twins.

Update #5 (Rose):

What is life…? 😑

Update #6 (Simon): It moves on its own…


Why??? *cue horror music*

Update #7 (Simon):

What the NECK! Badoom ching!

Update #8 (Simon): Pheobe’s new look!



Yay or nay?

Update #9 (Rose): think he’s cute? Take a closer look…


Haaappyy eeeaasster... ;>

Not so cute now, is he?

Lunch break! Be back!

Update #10 (Simon): Back! And Elm is reading!

A love for boo- wait…


A romance novel...

I don’t love you any more…

Update #11 (Rose): Something I drew a few days ago.

Weird but cool! Don’t cha think?

Update #12 (Simon): He’s asleep in his new bed!


Shh… don’t wake him…

Update #13 (Simon): I switched to Alex’s house…

What I found… *Shudder Shudder*

Update #14 (Simon): What happened here!?

And, yes. Surryn is now a child.

He also just saw Alex and Orlando (who just got married Woohoo!) Woohooing… DEAR GOD!

Update #15 (Simon): A social worker just showed up!

GO AWAY PLEASE! No more kids!

Update #16 (Simon): Meet Chris… now you know I’m not faking!

Kill it with fire…

Finale: Okay so, my game keeps locking up. So, I’m going to have to end this a bit early. Please forgive me. Now, final verdict, it was fun. I enjoyed it. So, I might do it again. Though, not that many people that I know of showed up. But that’s okay. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think.
This is Simon and Rose, and we hope to do this again soon.

Special Announcement!! Please read if interested!

Hello! Simon here! So, I have been thinking, and I have made up my mind! Tomorrow, my mom and auntie are going Easter shopping (happy Easter to those who celebrate it)! So, seeing as she can’t drag me with her because the stuff is supposed to be a surprise, I am going to be doing something a little different.
Tomorrow, I will be here with you guys all day long! I am going to post a post and keep updating every few minutes! Rose will be there too. So, she will be talking to you guys as well! You guys can comment questions or just things you want to say. Rose will mostly be the one responding.
Anyway, if you are interested, go on and tune in tomorrow at about 12:00/12:30P.M. (after my dogs get fed) tomorrow (eastern time). Rose says she will probably be drawing and things. She says that she will post pictures of her progress throughout the day. And will probably ask you guys for suggestions! So, yeah! It will be on my blog so, again, yeah! If you are interested, don’t be afraid to drop in! I would love to be able to hear what you guys think about this idea!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
Link to Rose’s blog:

Pregnant from Jello?!

Hello! Simon here! Okay, so, yesterday I was ranting… But I am posting today! Don’t worry! This is weird and kinda frightening. Let’s begin!

I decided to play with Chloe and Lakshmi this time. I figured they needed some attention. So, I played them. Everything was going fine. I thought I might be able to actually enjoy my game for once.
But, that changed when they started eating Jello. Yes, you heard me right. Jello. Because Lakshmi is awesome, she made Jello for dinner.
But, now I must put the cone of shame on her. As they ate the Jello, I suddenly heard baby music. Well, I guess I have a sacrifice to the Sim Volcano God.
It was a joke! Don’t start!

I hope you enjoyed! I am really getting tired of children… Let this be a lesson to you, kids! Don’t eat Jello for dinner or you will get pregnant! It was a joke!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

Rant: One of my least favorite comments!

Hello! Simon here! Probably won’t be posting today, all because of what I’m about to tell you. Let me start off by saying, I HATE THIS COMMENT! I hate when people actually do this! This really makes me want to punch a hole through a wall! It has been one of my pet peeves since I started using the internet! I HATE it!
Now, to tell you what I am talking about.
This is the comment I received: “If I follow you, are you going to follow me back?”
I, of course, deleted this comment. But WHAT?! Why would you ask this question?! I hate it when people use that to get more followers!
Now, what I do is look at my followers blogs and see if I like them. But I’m not going to automatically follow you just because you followed me! To me, that is a cheap marketing technique! And for someone to ask me that, is very insulting!
And I really don’t care if I’m over reacting, I HATE it! You probably think I’m acting like a child. No, see, if I was acting like a child I would have told you the name of the commenter. I would have let that comment be on my feed. I would have said this to their FACE and given you guys their blog.
But no, I’m being the sensible person by just ranting! So, all of you who think this is an “overreaction”, I could be much worse than this. Thank you, and good day.

Art n’ stuff: Sketch Book! Post 4! And a surprise!

Hi, I’m back! More sketch book stuff! Yay! 🙂 I also made a surprise for you guys! I will give it to you at the end! More creepy pictures today… sorry… I was, and still am, a freak.


The Thing's half brother!

If you have been following the sketch book posts, you will know who/what The Thing is. If not, go back through the posts. I believe it was post two. Anyway! On with the creepy!



Okay, not as creepy. It probably would be if it was a more realistic eye. But, meh!


I really don't know what to call this...

This is weird! I don’t even remember drawing this! It looks like someone’s on my page bleeding! From the eye! It gives me the shudders!

That would be all for today! And if you have nightmares tonight, you’re welcome! I hope you like my weird, twisted, probably cursed drawings! Here’s the surprise:
Love ya! BYEEE

Art n’ stuff: Sketch Book! Post 3!

Hi, I’m back! I know I haven’t been posting Sketch Book pages lately. I’ve been looking through, finding the pages that are a bit too personal to post. Plus, I keep forgetting… I’m sorry! Anyway, these pages that I’m showing you are a bit creepy. They were things from my nightmares that I decided to write down.



These two pictures are of the same thing. Kinda weird. Kinda creepy. Kinda crazy! That equals 120% nightmare material! Blah!

Okay, I gotta go eat dinner! I meant to make it longer but, dinner! FOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD! Foooood! Must eat! Nom nom nom….

Art n’ stuff: Clover!

Hi, I’m back! Happy St. Patrick’s day! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I tell myself I will. After I do schoolwork and do my chores, then I’ll- oooh, look a butterfly!🐉🐲 Wait, what was I saying? Oh, right! Uh, I drew a clover!


Not a four leaf, but close enough!

I hope you like my drawing! It’s kinda basic, but still sort of pretty! I hope…
Love ya! 🍀💚BYEEEE 💚🍀

Happy St. Patrick’s day!

Hello! Simon here! Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! I am not wearing green… I have failed… but I have a green alien!


That will have to do! Maybe I’ll change… I’ll go do that!

Two minutes later (yes, it took me that long): Okay! Green jeans work! Even if they do have a hole in the back of the knee… Good thing I’m not going anywhere! I hope you all have a great holiday!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

Art n’ stuff: Sketch Book! Post 2!

Hi, I’m back! Sorry about not posting yesterday! It was my aunt’s birthday and groceries and CRAZY! So, yes! More sketch book stuff! Yay! 🙂


School supplies

This is some horribly drawn school supplies! I was ten and starting 3d grade! Give me a break!


Weird doodles

These are just a bunch of weird doodles… again, I was ten sooooo, automatically creepy!


The thing

This is a drawing that I proudly named “The Thing”. I think I was eleven at the time… Yep! Still as creepy as ever!

I think that will be it for today! I hope you like my drawings! Even if some of them were horribly drawn! *cough cough* all of them *cough cough*.
BYWEE :3 ❤

If anyone has any problems with the images, let me know! Thank you!

Elf on a shelf!

Hello! Simon here! Sorry for not posting yesterday. *Warning! Excuses ahead!* One, I had nothing to post. Two, it was my aunt’s birthday yesterday! So, kinda a big deal. Anyway, let’s begin!

I was playing my game. Blah blah blah… Then I noticed that one of the twins, Trinket, had walked into the road! What makes him think that would be cool and a great idea!
I made him get out of the road. He was playing with some toys, suddenly stopped, and began walking. I watched him for a minute but, when he went nowhere near the road, I went off minding my own business. A few minutes later, I noticed that Trinket wasn’t on the ground anymore.
I looked around, but couldn’t find him! Then, I saw something on one of the desks. I looked over.
I tried to make him get down, but he couldn’t. Then Elm walked over. They were doing the animation for (I can’t believe I’m about to say this) Huggle (I swear to god, if Rose comments on this post). Trinket was still on the table as they did this.
Because I didn’t want Trinket to die, so I use the “move objects” cheat.
After that, Trinket was playing in a puddle… DANG IT TRINKET!

I hope you enjoyed! This wasn’t the longest post… No, that’s it. This wasn’t the longest post. That’s all I have to really say…
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!