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Creepy baby’s!

Hello! Simon here! I had peanut butter toast (I didn’t feel like cooking), and now I have a Dr. Pepper. I am very happy.
Let’s begin!

I started playing my game and, almost instantly, something weird happened. One of the baby’s, Elm, crawled over to the fridge.
My mouse decided to be stupid and move to the other side of the house. I quickly looked back over and saw Elm crawling back over to the nursery with a bottle in hand.
Wait… that wasn’t near the fridge when he was going over there… HOLY WAFFLE SHAPED COWS!
Yes, waffle shaped cows. No, not cow shaped waffles.
I’m a weirdo… oh well!
Anyway, after that, Trinket went to get a toy from the toy box. He walked over there… I hadn’t taught him to walk yet…
Too weird! Nope nope nope! Bye!

I hope you enjoyed! These kids are going to take over the world… Alien world domination! This is what you get for poking us with needles!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

Teddy from hell!

Hello! Simon here! This is kinda creepy… both posts this weekend are going to be creepy. So, remember, don’t shower at midnight, don’t go into the forest in heels, and when you hear noises coming from inside your house when you know you’re alone, DON’T GO INVESTIGATE! Let’s begin!

I was playing my game, in all its glory. But then I noticed something… the teddy, that had been worn and tattered, looked brand new!
You know, the same teddy that likes to mo


around? Yeah, and stare at the kids while they’re sleeping!
Anyway, it looked brand new and, the worst part is, it was in the walkway!
That bear is obviously trying to kill someone! I mean really!

I hope you enjoyed! I really want to name the teddy, but don’t know what to name him! I don’t know…
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

How did she..!

Hello! Simon here! This just flipping happened! I’m still really distraught!
Let’s begin!

I had just logged on to Sims2. Talking to Rose about how sad I still was about Jennifer.
I suddenly noticed something odd…
Lexie was walking up the stairs and I saw she was… see through.
Everyone remembers Lexie, right? If not, go back to the post entitled: “ Noooooo! Not again! And a bed of glowness…”.
Anyway, she was in the bathroom. Then a notification bubble popped up.
It said: “Lexie has died on another lot. Lexie will return in spirit to her place of death.”
Wait… WHAT?!
I was so confused! I was freaking out! And all Rose had to say was: “Well, you have a post!”.
Little brat…

Hope you enjoyed! What do you think happened? I’m still really confused…
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

Noo! Jennifer!

Hello! Simon here! Today is a very sad post… I am not happy at all about what happened… I cried… yeah, anyway, let’s begin!

I was playing- aww, you know the drill! Anyway, I was basically zooming between the Sims.
Trying to catch them doing something.
Suddenly I noticed that someone is missing from my family bar. I count my Sims.
Wait… Jennifer!
I quickly looked around the house. Then I hear screaming.
I look over to see Death, standing over a pile of ash. Then there was a tombstone. And Death disappeared.
I saved the game, quite, and went in my room to cry for five minutes… no, this is NOT an overreaction!

I hope you enjoyed! I am still sad… R.I.P Jennifer!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

Update: Retirement!

Hello! Simon here! Because I didn’t post on Saturday, I will post today. Just so you don’t hate me (please don’t hate me, please don’t hate me, please don’t hate me)!
Now, let’s begin!

I moved Chloe and Lakshmi into a house! Finally! I’m still not happy with them for leaving the kids…
At least the kids are safe! But no, abandoning your child is not a good idea. Never the solution! Just don’t do it!

Hope you enjoyed! I know, short post… I’m sorry! Please don’t hate me!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

Sudden combustion!

Hello! Simon here! I am SO sorry! I forgot to post yesterday! I had to go with Rose to watch the kid she babysit’s recital!
Which was kinda cute… I have no shame in saying that just because I’m male! No shame!
Anyway, let’s begin!

I decided to play in Alex’s household. Him and Orlando were just getting up.
Willow woke up and started crying so, I sent Orlando to go fix that. Alex went to go read and gain more cooking skill.
Everything was pretty normal… for awhile.
Eventually, the weirdness began. And it scared me more than Pheobe going missing.
The oven suddenly BURST into flames.
Orlando took Willow out of the house. Alex took Surryn. Then they ran back inside to freak out! Why?!
You were out of the house! Why would you go back in?! Ahem… Anyway… I finally got Alex to go to the phone and call the fire department.
Yeah, they never came… you guys are supposed to be the superheros of society! Come on!
Anyway, eventually I put the fire out without any casualties… except for maybe the oven in question!

I hope you all enjoyed! Again, I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday! To focused on the cuteness!
This is Simon the sim maker out!
Happy Valentine’s day!
👫💕 👬💕 👭💕 Love for all! No matter who it may come to! No matter what it may come to!

Early birthday gift!

Hello! Simon here! Me and Rose got an early birthday (which is on the 26th) present!
Beautiful orchids (I think I spelled that right)!


Aren’t they gorgeous? Me and Rose are both gardeners so, I’m just as ecstatic as her.
Purple is our color.
Me and Rose have our own favorite colors, then we have our color. Purple is a color that has brought us together on more than one occasion. Don’t ask… just don’t…
Anyway, if you have any tips on how to take care of orchids, feel free to tell me!

This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

Art n’ stuff: An interesting discovery…

Hi, I’m back! I just had an interesting (kinda chilling) discovery! This is in connection with yesterday’s post so, if you haven’t seen that yet, go ahead and read that BEFORE this one!

This is a picture from awhile ago:


This is the flower that fell from the branch yesterday:


Do you see the similarity? It’s kinda creepy when you think about it.
I REALLY don’t know what to think now! It’s really cool! Almost destiny!
Okay, probably not… But a girl can dream!

What do you think? Destiny? Or coincidence?
I’m probably over thinking it buuuut……………..
No, that’s probably it!
Anyway, love ya!
❤ BYEE! ❤ :3

Art n’ stuff: A gift from nature!

Hi, I’m back! And I have a story for you! This literally just happened, like, two minutes ago!

I was walking my dog in my yard. Minding my own business.
Then I hear a snap from behind me. I turn around to see what it was.


And this is what I found

A flower had just fallen from the Bush! I still don’t know what to think! I told Simon and he said to tell you guys!
What do you think?

I hope you like my story! Again, this happened two minutes ago. So, I’m still pretty curfofled.
Anyway, BYEE! ❤ ❤ *o*