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Stalker! And birthday time…

Hello! Simon here! Sorry about not posting yesterday. It was my dad’s birthday and I was running around everywhere getting things done… I am not just trying to make excuses for myself, I swear! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Warning!: this is not meant to be offensive in any way, shape, or form. Stalking is very serious and very dangerous.

I was playing on my little world, like I do every day. Mostly because I don’t really have anything better to do. Anyway, I was playing my game.
Then, DAVID shows up out of nowhere and a text box pops up saying “I really don’t have anything better to do, I might just hang out here for awhile”. Umm, how about NO!
He is taking this way to far now. He is literally scaring me.
Then, when Chloe went out to tell him to leave, he attacked her! Luckily, Chloe beat him and then told him to leave. He left in a crying mess… is it bad that I feel no sympathy towards him?
Later that day Mary and Pheobe both grew up into teenagers.

I hope you enjoyed! This game just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I really don’t know what to do… oh wait, yes I do. Keep playing!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
Have a happy new year!

Pheobe! And, why did you steal my dog?!

Hello! Simon here! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! And happy Kwanzaa! And I forgot about Hanukkah! Stupid me! Well, Hanukkah is over now… hope you don’t hate me! Okay, let’s begin!

I logged on to Sims 2 again. Sad, because I knew Pheobe wasn’t going to be there. I entered the world Chloe and her family are in.
The family photo still showed little Pheobe.
Then, when is finally loaded, Pheobe was there!
I was so happy!
I came to the conclusion that her mom kidnapped her, but Pheobe complains to much so she brought her back. So, yeah!
Anyway, the day after that (in game) I was minding my own business, when suddenly a police car pulled up in front of my house!
She got out of the car, walked up to my toy dog pen, and stole my dog!
I know I had been feeding it, playing with it, and cleaning the pen. So, why the heck did she steal my dog?! I don’t get it!

I hope you enjoyed! I am a bit sick today… But I got bored and was like “why not?” and decided to do a post. Sorry for the lateness. Again, sick… I hate food poisoning!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
Have a happy new year!

Art n’ stuff: road trip!

Hi, I’m back! Simon may or may not be posting today… food poisoning… yeah. Anyway! I decided to show you some of my drawings that I made on the road trip we went on!


Beautiful Ballerina

This one the inking job was a bit shaky. I was in a moving car after all. But, I’m proud of it! 🙂


Eye Piercing

This one was kinda a little doodle that turned into something kinda weird… The eye isn’t bad though!


This one is inspired by the bed I was sleeping in at a hotel. Or more the headboard. This goes to show you can pick up ideas for art in anything!

I hope you like my art work! Again, I was in a moving car, so things may be a bit shaky.
Feel free to like or follow or whatever.
*cough cough* comment *cough cough*
Did you hear something? Hmm, must have been my imagination. Everyone wish Simon a good recovery! BYEE ❤ ❤ :3

So sorry!

I honestly thought we would post today! I’m sorry! Please don’t hate me… or Rose… but mostly me! I’m being sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell.
Anyway, my sister had a babysitting job and mom forced me to shut down my video games and go outside.
Doesn’t she know I’m a vampire? I mean really! I hate sunlight! I prefer darkness. So much more peaceful. Most people are in bed by then. Except for sis. She makes me lay I bed and cuddle, because I refuse to hug her in front of our parents.
Mom usually takes picture and dad makes fun of me so, yeah! No hugs for her.
Again, I’m sorry. That is mostly why I told you some of my private life. So you don’t hate me!
This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
Have a happy new year!

Christmas entry!

Today is Christmas! I will not be doing my usual blog post today. Today, I will be  posting a blog about the cookies we made.


I had Rose take a picture of the cookies before and after they were cooked. Here’s before. 🔝


Here after! And I, Simon, made a T.A.R.D.I.S cookie. Why? Because I’m cool like that! I have a bowtie shirt and everything!


See? I didn’t have blue though… maybe she made herself green and red for Christmas. The T.A.R.D.I.S would do that! Right? Sure, why not?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little Christmas special! And I hope you had a good Christmas! This is Simon the sim maker signing out!

Wait, where’s Pheobe!? And poor Alex…

Hello! Simon here! So, today is Christmas eve. And for that, I hope you all are a having a great day! And for those of you who aren’t, my sister will give you hugs… Not me because I don’t hug unless Rose forces me to. Sorry. Let begin!

So, it was a very quiet day. My Sims were being stupid… as usual. Anyway, my kids finally got home from school.
Alex, of course, got off the bus first. So, I decided to play him for awhile. I made him ask a girl from school out on a date.
He went out, got to where he needed to be, after awhile of chatting, SHE kissed HIM, went steady with him, and walk away… Wait, Alex did you just get done and ditched!? Hahaha! Okay, I’m done. Anyway, when he got home, I made him stuff his face with gelatin. Because that was the closest thing to ice cream I had. Hey, on the bright side, he got a girlfriend!
After he ate his heart out I went to go see what Pheobe was up too. Then, I noticed that Pheobe was not on the family bar.
I looked around the house, but to no avail.
My hypothesis is that her mother kidnapped her.

Hope you enjoyed! Where do you think Pheobe went? Have any ideas? Yes? No? Maybe? This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
Happy holidays!

Is pheobe dying?! And something in the bed…

Hello! Simon here! Feeling better today! Hopefully it lasts. I really don’t want to be sick for Christmas! That would suck! Talk about the worst Christmas gift ever! Thanks mother nature! Okay… done ranting. Let’s begin!

Warning! Kinda creepy…

I was playing my game, hoping no more kids arrive at my door. You know, normal stuff!
Anyway, I was following my Sims around.
Watching them doing their own thing.
Then I started watching Lakshmi.
What she was doing was a bit disturbing…
She was standing over Pheobe’s bed. Just starring at her.
Then, she opened her mouth like she was gasping. Then, started crying. Then, thought bubbles popped up above her head. One was a picture of probe, then a tombstone. Then the Z’s stopped appearing over Pheobe’s head. I thought she was getting up. No, she was just laying there…. motionless.
Then, I noticed something wrong in the other room. The master bedroom. I looked at the bed. The blankets looked as if something was in them. There was no one.
That was when I saved the game and quit. Yeah, I’m chicken. DEAL WITH IT!

I hope you enjoyed! Please, if you have anything to say about that, let me know. It was kinda creepy. It was kinda close to my Henry play through. If you want me to tell you that story, let me know as well. I would be more than happy to.
This is Simon the sim maker signing out.
Happy holidays!

Teleporting teddy! And someone left the shower on…

Hello! Simon here! The following will probably not be disturbing… but warning anyway. Not feeling my best today. So, don’t be mad about the lack of enthusiasm. Let’s begin.

It was the day after Jennifer had arrived. I still had the teddy bear from when Alex a little kid.
After awhile of nothing really happening, I started to notice that he bear was moving around. At least I thought it was. So, I put it in a room to see if it would move.
It did. Somehow, it ended up in Jennifer’s room. Staring at her as she slept. I didn’t know what to think.
So, I just ignored it. Then I went to have Lakshmi take a shower. But, something wasn’t right. The shower… was on. I thought my game had merged itself with a Stephen King novel.
I tried deleting the shower, but it wouldn’t let me.
So, I cheated by using “moveobjects on”.

That was the story for today. I hope you enjoyed. What do you think is going on? No one has died on my property. So, it can’t be a ghost. Or can it? I don’t know. This is Simon the sim maker signing out.
Happy holidays!


Hello! Simon here! Sorry for the late post… again.
Rose didn’t wake me up this morning. Dang you Rose!!! And I do not have a crush on Navi! You will get that if you read Rose’s segment on my blog. Anyway, let’s begin!

The kids were at school. Chloe was at home with Lakshmi because she got a promotion… to unemployment… yeah. Anyway! They were at home and stuff.
They were cleaning, cooking, woohooing, lots of useful things! Then, it happened. The same van pulled up. And the same social worker walked out… with a toddler. Everyone, meet Jennifer. The new member of the family.
Save me…

Hope you enjoyed! You are laughing at me again. I can hear you! This is Simon the sim maker signing out!
Happy holidays!