Renovations and cat cuddles.

My internet and power has been going on and off for the last few days. My bathroom is being renoed, and my landlord (who is supposedly paying for it, I’ll believe a month after the reno) keeps adding things on. Which, in turn, drags it on even further.
The noise is giving me a headache, and I really don’t have anywhere else to rant about it. I know I am being whiny… but, meh.
Not to mention, the paint job that the landlord insisted that happen,  looks like an old fence that was abandoned.


After being painted... sorry it is dark.

Well, now, my cat is laying on me…
I tried to tell her I’m not a bed, but she isn’t having any of it.

Things said to my cat;
“no, I do not want to eat your head.”
“Please do NOT claw out my throat.”
“Stop tickling me-AH OH MY GOD.”

She is kinda cheering me up. This is why I am an animal person.

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Mental health rant –

This is a beautiful rant.
Send this blog (and it’s writer) as much love as possible. It made me feel a lot more comfortable to talk about my depression and anxiety.
Mental health is a very important issue, and we need to learn more about it. We ALL need to learn more about.
Thank you for your time.

I am alive, I swear! And So is Rose.

Hi, I still exists!
Yeah, I have been gone for a long time, I know. But, I am feeling a bit better now. A bit. I will try to play Sims tomorrow, and let you know what’s up.
I hope to get back on track, and write more blog posts. Rose has been drawing up a storm, but can’t find one she is proud of. So, I guess she will make a post when she is ready.
I have still been having anxiety, but not as bad. Maybe it is waiting for the worst possible moment to strike. Isn’t that how it always is?
Anyway, yeah, I will be blogging again, hopefully. And Rose will be blogging again, hopefully. And I will get life eventually, hopefully. Oops, wait, did I say that out loud?
Um, anyway, yeah.
That is a thing.
I do apologize for not posting.

What my life consists of…

In the living room, right before school work, eating cereal and drinking cola.
More anxiety and stuff. Sigh.
Writing this post.
Rose is nagging me to talk to her about my feelings.
Blah blah blah.

And yes, I have noticed that these kinds of posts are happening every day now. I don’t know how, but that is what is happening.
I can stop posting my problems on here if you guys would like.
I do apologize for this, I just haven’t had the energy for much else. I guess I’m using it as a way to feel fulfilled. I’ll try to find something better to do with my time.
I do apologize.

And, the anxiety worsens… More tears to shed

We don’t have a sick dog anymore. But, the way that ended, it only made my anxiety higher.
We still might get evicted. That is a pain and a half.
Now that my cousin’s and aunt are gone for a few weeks, I’ll probably just sit in my room all day once school work is done.
There isn’t much else to do. I mean, there is house work. But, I

wouldn’t be that much


I really don’t feel like anything I do can help anyone. Not even myself.

It’s cold and quiet. And I feel alone and helpless.

What a day.

Anxiety, School, With a dash of headaches.

Lately, my world has been turned upside down. Anxiety has been high, school isn’t helping with that, and my head has been pounding all week. We might get evicted, we have a sick dog, I haven’t been feeling up to doing anything lately. It is insane. I am forcing myself to even write this post. It seems like all my close friends (outside of my family that is close by) either hate me, or have just… left.

I really don’t know how to control my anxiety. It is getting harder to  think  about anything. My head is just so foggy right now, I just can’t. I feel sick to my stomach, probably a side effect to the anxiety. My head is spinning with all the worst possible things that could happen. I am listening to music right now, and all I hear is thump thump thump.

I don’t know what to do. I can’t think of any way to be useful. And, frankly, I don’t feel like anything I do will help in the slightest.

And, before I see anyone ask, no. I don’t have anxiety meds. I don’t have a therapist, nor do I want one. I know it would be better for me, but I get worse when I talk to people I don’t know. It is probably better off if I don’t bother them.


Anyway, that is what is up. Why I haven’t been posting. Probably why Rose hasn’t either. Trying to help me, I guess. I know you guys don’t care, but it kinda made me feel a bit better.

My cousin has witnessed the madness!

Oh! My! God! My cousin has experienced the weirdness of my Sims game! Only, they made there own world! So much weirdness has happened!
My cousin’s Sim got a random call from some guy, then… the GRIMM REAPER! And then his Sim died… and there was much sadness…

They didn’t believe me when I told them about my world… then this happened…